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Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Each item is hand made and each crystal / stone / shell is naturally sourced, meaning that each item is unique in its own way with its own characteristics and may vary slightly in shape / size / colour from photos on our website and social media pages. Store jewellery away from heat, direct sunlight and separately to avoid scratching. Remove jewellery when washing hands with harmful cleaning products and do not wear your jewellery in swimming pools or while hot showering, chlorine and extreme heat can damage items. Wear and tear of jewellery over time is normal but if you follow these simple steps I promise your jewellery will last a life time. 

Sterling Silver & Stainless Steal items will never needed to be taken off and will last a life time but may need to be polished here and there with a polish cloth.

Sterling Silver with 18 Karat Gold Vermeil is extremely durable against water so can be worn everyday & will last a long and healthy life but over the years as the plating naturally wears off, the gold shine may fade. To maintain a longer life you can choose to remove when in contact with water/saltwater/oils/perfumes. 

Stainless Steal with Gold plating items will last a long and healthy life but to maintain that gold shine for as long as possible, please take off while showing, in salt water, exercising & chlorine.

Silver & Gold plated items need a bit more tender love and care and should never be worn in salt water/ chlorine/ exercising or showering. Avoid oils, moisturises and perfumes to stay clear from discolouration and to help live its longest and brightest life.

PACKAGING - One box and velvet slip bag is provided with your order even when purchasing multiple items. We do this to save wastage and to be more eco friendly. You can request another box or slip if your items are for a gift. Please email your request with your order number once purchase has been made. All of our packages are plastic free & our boxes/cards are made from recycled cardboard. We aim and minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible.