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Indigo Jade was birthed from a desire to create jewellery with a purpose. I wanted to create a brand that not only delivered high quality, unique jewellery but that also expressed positivity, awareness, connection and light.

I feel a deep connection to Mother Earth, in all her wild and all her beauty, regular donations from your sales are donated to organisations that protect and restore our planet on a global scale. 

INDIGO JADE holds my heart and soul, and as i evolve and grow so does she, thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving and supporting us.

Indigo children are highly awakened souls on a mission to create the New Earth based on unity and conscious love. They are against the restrictive paradigms society has tried to place on us and perceive this world for what it truly is, a beautiful nature filled abundance of colour, and light. Our mission is to help humanity 'see' so we choose to live through love and not fear.

Are you an Indigo Child? 

Jade stone carries healing energy. The purity of the jade stone gives wisdom, love and acceptance. This stone is special to me as it was what my mumma bear was holding when she went into labour with me and so decided then, she would name me Jayde.