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Hey beautiful ones, Jayde here, creator and designer of Indigo Jade. I live in Scarborough Beach, a beautiful coastal suburb on the West Coast of Australia. I wanted to create jewellery that reflected my love for our earth, but to also create a platform of knowledge and connection for us to come together and help save our planet. I donate 10% of my monthly profits to organisations that save and protect the oceans and land of our planet. These are Green Peace, Australian Marine Conservation, Oceana Organisation, Sea Shepard and 4Ocean.

I have poured my heart and soul into Indigo Jade so not only are you supporting the health of our home but you are also supporting my dream. 

The name indigo jade was chosen as both words hold a very deep connection to me...
Indigo children are highly spiritual, awakened souls on a mission to make this world a beautiful place. They are against the norms and restrictions society has tried to place on us and perceive this world for what it truly is, a beautiful, nature filled abundance of colour and light. Their mission is to help us 'see' so we choose to live through love and not fear. Are you an indigo child? 

Jade stone carries a powerful, nourishing and healing energy. The purity of the jade stone gives wisdom, love and acceptance. This stone is very special to me as it was what my mumma bear was holding when she suddenly went into labour with me and so decided at that point she would name me Jayde.

I hope you love my jewellery as much as i love creating it for you all.