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Her Element - Air

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Sterling silver 925 base with 18k Gold thick 2.5 microns vermeil coating.

Adjustable extension for short or long wear


Engraving on back - Air Connects Her Intuition

Her Element

Her passionate soul and the fire of her heart

Her femininity that flows through the waters of her womb

Her connection to her intuition through the air of spirit

Her grounded self held by Mother Earth


These are the elements that are within you

That are you,

& that co exist around you

Connecting you to her

Your Woman

Your Soul

Your Sacred Feminine

Each pendant has been hand crafted and is engraved on the back with empowering words that relate to that particular element

These pieces were co created by myself and my dear soul sister Tae @tattsbytae

We are so excited to share with you…

Her Element

May you take a piece of Her where ever you go, to remind yourself of the connection you have with the divine, with mother nature and with life all around you

Your are never alone

You are always connected to Her 🌿